Improve Customer Service with
Customer Experience Measurement

CIMA Insight provides information gathered by professional mystery shoppers and your customers to help your businesses improve customer service delivery, promote customer loyalty and ensure future sales.

How do you measure customer satisfaction?
Would your customers refer you to others?

To increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and ensure repeat business, it’s important to gain insight into the customer experience you provide. Now you can identify and close any gaps between your promise of quality service and its actual delivery through mystery shopping, customer satisfaction surveys and brand audits. Get the insight you need to create positive, memorable customer experiences and drive loyalty, retention, repeat business and future sales.

Every company is different, so every program designed by CIMA Insight is unique. We identify, track and trend service behaviors that make a difference in your company’s overall performance. We work closely with you to customize programs that fit your needs, objectives and your budget.

We provide:

  • Customized, behavior-specific surveys and scenarios tailored to your unique requirements, training goals and organizational objectives.
  • A variety of data-capture tools, from onsite evaluations and telephone surveys to marketing campaign and brand audits.
  • Online access to results via a secure, password-protected system available 24/7.
  • Management-ready deliverables and analysis at multiple levels of detail.
  • Consultative support from service professionals focused on you and your company.
  • Beginning-to-end assistance in program development and implementation.
  • Unsurpassed quality assurance and quick turnaround.